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Lori Harris: Lay Missionary and Workshop Speaker

She hangs with Cardinals and homeless, Pentecostals, transvestites, politicians, from babies to the ancient, liberals, conservatives, intellectuals and sistas in the hood. She talks the talk and walks the walk.

Lori Harris is passionate about evangelization, conversion, discipleship and missions. She and her husband, Alan are full time Youth With A Mission missionaries and lead YWAM’s Kerygma program in Northern California. Kerygma is the Catholic branch of YWAM and strives to proclaim the Gospel to every man through evangelism, discipleship and missions. Kerygma means “the proclamation of the Gospel” and that is the charism this family is called to.

Lori has been a business owner, political liaison, prayer group and Bible study leader, international speaker on topics ranging from:

Natural family planning, homebirth and homeschooling, family dynamics and relationship, political involvement that changes nations, prayer, works vs servant heart and a host of other topics. Her specialty has focused on worldview, ecumenism, and revival.

She speaks Texan and sometimes English. Her passion is training people to transform cultures that would glorify their Creator God.

Contact Lori at     903-343-3567

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