Discipleship Training School

A YWAM DTS is a 6-8 month school for all ages (18+) and cultures serious about taking their relationship with God to the next level. Our Kerygma DTS also has an ecumenical component, teaching students to learn to build bridges of unity between the Catholic World and other Christian faith expressions.

The purpose of a DTS is to give students the equipment to be able to serve God: to give them tools for living a Christian life that makes a difference and to build in them Christian character. A DTS is required for all who become long term staff with Kerygma or any other YWAM ministry. Email us at info@KerygmaUSA.com for the next Kerygma DTS.

Watch The Video

Here’s a brief taste of what you can expect in a YWAM DTS. Make sure you contact KerygmaUSA if you are interested. Click for Video.